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“I recently retained the services of Dianne Peterson of Forensic Document Investigations to assist in a capital murder case. Ms. Peterson was tasked with comparing a known exemplar with various notes and letters—which may or may not have been written by a co-defendant. Ms. Peterson was not only prompt and thorough in her examination, but she also provided a report full of actual comparisons which highlighted the important distinctions in a manner that a layperson could easily comprehend. If I ever have to consult another handwriting expert, it will be Ms. Peterson.”
Scott A. Johnson, Executive Director, Mississippi Office of Capital Post-Conviction Counsel


“I’ve known Ms. Peterson and the detail she provides throughout her Forensic Document Investigations! She is extremely thorough and conclusive! I hired her almost 3 years ago to handle a forgery case for me. As a result of her excellent work, 3 Felony arrest occurred with a 4th that followed. She brought a sense of peace in my life because the truth prevailed! Please don’t hesitate to hire her if you EVER need to know if a document or signature is authentic!” Dr. Tracy Sims D20 Consulting & Educational Services,
Making it EZY, LLC


“I cannot say enough for this lady! She goes above and beyond. Without her keen eye and expert experience my mother’s estate would have lost $1000’s all due to forgery. She provided an in-depth detailed report of the forged signature of my deceased mother for the court which in turn saved the only monies that I had to pay for my mother’s funeral services. Mrs. Dianne Peterson is exceptional with her expertise in these matters. As far as myself and my family we would highly recommend her services. Her professional manner in handling this matter for me cannot go without high praise, again I cannot say enough to do her justice!!!”

Thank you, Dianne,!!! Chastity Brandon

“I was out of work for several years because of illness. I decided to go back to work, and a staffing agency was placed in a pain clinic which was really a pill mill. I had no idea what a pill mill was. The administrator forged my name on thousands of prescriptions. I was charged with 37 felonies, which carried a sentence of over 20 years. I hired Ms. Peterson who analyzed all 37 prescriptions. All were forgeries. All felonies were dropped, and I was charged with one misdemeanor. Ms. Peterson carries a lot of credibility in the court system. The DEA was vicious. He wanted to make an example of me. However, the judge dropped all felony charges, in part because of Ms. Peterson’s stellar reputation. I would strongly recommend Ms. Peterson!!” Dr. B. Tetalman

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