Handwriting Expert Analysis & Witness

As a trained, court approved Handwriting Expert in Tennessee, Dianne Peterson provides expert handwriting analysis and forensic document investigations throughout Tennessee and the United States. If necessary, Dianne can also appear as a court appointed handwriting analysis witness.

A Handwriting Expert is needed when:

  • You need handwriting specialist
  • You need handwriting analyzed
  • You are a victim of forgery
  • You have a document that has been tampered with that will greatly affect your life or livelihood
  • You are looking to receive an objective “expert opinion” that can help your attorney make a strategic decision which can significantly impact the outcome of your case
  • You need a credible expert witness
  • You are about to lose everything you worked so very hard for because someone forged your signature
  • You are being wrongly accused of a crime you did not commit
  • You have threatening letters and need to investigate the source
  • You have medical/dental records which have been altered and need to dispute the validity of those records
  • You have valuable memorabilia and need verification of the signature
  • Your family is being torn apart because of a real-estate transfer
  • A Last Will and Testament that is in dispute
  • You are looking for nothing else than “The Truth” for peace of mind


Dianne can provide a quick and candid strategy that can bring resolve. Choosing the right document examiner is an important as choosing the right attorney. Dianne can make the difference. Call today (888)-763-8881.

The first consultation is always FREE!